Our story

Like all good start up mythology (except that ours is actually true!) it was on Palolem beach in South Goa, November 2015 that the idea for JENDI was born.


About JENDI:

London is a truly global city, but it is lacking in one obvious area. Vending machines!  JENDI have set out to change this by starting a vending revolution. Anyone who has been to Toyko will know that vending machines are already a big deal. Why not in our capital city too?  

Vending machines can go anywhere. No longer do we have to rely on finding traditional retail spaces to bring you the best drinks and snacks that Tokyo has to offer. Our machines are high tech, conveniently located and totally cashless. 

JENDI products are authentic, unique and (for the most part) pretty damn healthy! You can find more information about all of the products we vend here.


John moved to Toyko to explore his fascination with Japan and its culture. Eight years later he has decided it is time to come home. Back in London he was surprised to discover that Japanese vending culture had not yet found its way here. He missed the Japanese products and the ubiquitous vending machines which he had grown so fond of.

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